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Banner Ads.

Banner advertisement is an attractive way of displaying your product/service to the customer.

VAS Ads.

Do more than just attracting them. Tell them what your business is all about, let them get a change to know more about the things you have to offer.

Banner ads come in two different sizes:
  • Square (250x250)

    • Ideal for emphasis diffusion, use of attractive colours make it even more appealing.
    • Used in homepage, property page and user profile page.
    • Displayed randomly
    • Redirect linking available.

  • Skyscraper (120x600)

    • Large surface area allows more information space.
    • Covers a greater screen area.
    • Displayed randomly
    • Redirect linking available.

VAS (Value-added service) advertisemets are ideal for diffusing a greater volume of information to the users. We let you use an entire page